War Z of The Walking Corpse

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A new zombie-plagued world was created in a game. And Dream Bot Studios is giving everyone the chance to play and enjoy it.

Fast Paced Action with Nasty Combos!

One of our goriest titles yet is War Z of The Walking Corpse. It is a fast twitch shooter style game where you will need to flick crazy weapons at zombies and ghouls. Collect coins and what ever is laying around the world to upgrade weapons and reach the ultimate battle mode to unlock new levels and bosses.

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The plot of this game application is that a zombie outbreak has hit the earth. You, along with other gamers, would play the role of one not infected yet. And the goal, that is to escape the apocalyptic scene by killing off zombies.

War Z provides an arsenal of weapons to strike down zombies and ghouls. Those could be launched via various combos.

Included on the weapons list that you could use to battle those zombies and ghouls are the following:

  • Bombs (Double Click to Launch)
  • Bowling Ball
  • Canon Ball
  • Bucket of Grease (Causes Zombies to Slip to Set Them Up for More Strikes)
  • Bucket of Ice (Freezes Zombies and Ghouls to Hit Them With More Combos)
  • Tube of Jelly (Slows Down Ghouls)
  • More For You to Discover

In the many levels of the game, you would have to strategically utilize those weapons to beat the big “Boss Battles” and level-up.

And those “Boss Battles” you would be encountering are the Huge Gory Ghouls that would attack and swipe you as they arise from the ground.

But more than just an action-packed zombie game, War Z is also a social app. With it, players could compete and enjoy with their online friends using Facebook & HeyZap.

So, for a truly fun time anywhere, Dream Bot Studios recommend War Z to everybody. With its features of adventure and unique weaponry, it guarantees to provide a truly enjoyable virtual z world war experience.

That’s not all though. The company also announced that it would be giving out the same game app for $0. And as it added, all iPhone, iPod and iPad users could have it.

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