Vlad The Angry Viking Voyager

Vlad The Angry Viking Voyager

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An adventure exploring the kingdoms above the clouds as you bounce your way to becoming the new king of Vikonia!

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Explore Vlad’s kingdom above the clouds as you bounce your way into becoming the new king of Vikonia. Tame dragons, soar into the stars, and battle huge sea monsters to prove to your followers that you are ready to rule the kingdom.  Compete against friends on Facebook and Game Center to decide who has the wealthiest kingdom in the land.


+ Draw Magical Platforms To Bounce High Above the Land

+ Tame Red Dragons To Boost Into The Stars

+ Meet Angry Black Dragons

+ Epic Boss Battles with Sea Monsters

+ Are You Lucky Enough To Meet an Alien & Use Their Technology?

+ Upgrade Your Platforms Using Treasures Found in Vikonia

+ Upgrade Your Hero With Coins Spread Thru Vikonia

Get ready for free updates with the new worlds, characters and more!

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Free Version

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