A UE4 Stackable Inventory System Without Using Any Code

A UE4 Stackable Inventory System Without Using Any Code

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I recently began building a new RPG game using UE4. During the creation, I came up with a new stackable inventory system which I took from UE4 UMG inventory system and modified and added more features.


After weeks trying to look for a good inventory system, Id didn’t want to use something that would break if the UE4 system was updated. After those weeks looking around, I found most UE4 inventory system’s were:

  • Extremely Confusing to Understand
  • Demanded Large Experience in C++
  • Not Able To Stack Items (Only 1 Item Per Slot)
  • Not Able To Use The Items
  • Not Able To Easily Add New Slots
  • Not Scalable
  • Not Including A Pickup Item System (To Add Dozens of Items Easily & Systematically)
  • Extremely Confusing To Read (Did Not use Functions or Macros Correctly)
  • Most Done By Using Code, Instead of Blueprints and Visual Scripting
  • and other challenges…

I was curious if you, and others of the Indie Game Developers community would be interested in my new stackable inventory system for the Unreal Engine 4.  I plan on creating a complete training platform for this stackable inventory system and cutting each segment of the process into small bite-sized videos, so you can always return to them if ever needing to re-use them.

Not only that, I plan on including the source code to create this system that is 100% using blueprints in UE4. That means no coding, it’s all done in visual scripting and neatly organized and commented to understand how it all works. It would take about a few days to organize the information, but if there is a need or want from you and community, I will be happy to get it set up for ya.

I put a video below explaining the system and how it works. If you are interested, please sign up below and I will send out an email to those developers who would like this as a product to use to build for their next game.


Sign Up Below If Interested In This System

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  1. I already signed up, can you send me the blueprints? Thank you!

    • UE4 has been updated to 4.8, so I needed to make sure to update all the blueprints as well.
      Revising the blueprints will take some time to make sure all versions are compatible. From my opinion this is going to take some time.

      Will keep you posted once I get it done. Thanks for the interest.

  2. Hi guy, I really love your project and if it’s possible, would you be so kind to explain me how it works? Thank you!! 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, I will try to do a video explanation if I can and post it.

  3. Very nice. Would be interested in knowing how to set up for my self. Look foreword to further videos.

  4. I subscribed 🙂 I’m very very interested in studying this blueprint, could i please get a hold of it? Thanks

    • Thanks for subscribing. After the new update to 4.8, we are updating some things. Will keep you posted.

  5. Hello, I am a new subscriber, I’m quite interested in this blueprint. Could I get a hold of it?

  6. That is an impressive inventory system! It is just what I’ve been looking for! I’d rather use yours than anyone elses. Could you send over the file?

  7. Looks very promising. Would love to see the blueprints as a learning aid.

  8. Thanks , I signed up too to see the bp but saw nothing ! when is it available ? any news ?

  9. I have a couple of questions 1. Is this 4.9 compatible? and 2. Is it possible to make it so that the boxes appear dynamically based on how many different item stacks you have? ie If you have an apple and a carrot there will be 2 boxes.

    And if possible could I have the code I have never done an inventory system before and it looks really cool.

  10. Hello, still no update on this? Where we can find the blueprints?

  11. I’m interested in this blueprints 😮
    how can i get this? i’m already signed up

  12. Hi, I signed up but it gives an error. Those tutorials and blueprints would be greatly appreciated as I’m currently making a 2d RPG game (for fun) and I think I could learn alot from your inventory

  13. I’m extremely interested in this. Where can I get access to the blueprints? Thank You in advance

  14. Can you just post the videos in whatever version they ARE working in, so that the non-noobs can look at it an convert it appropriately…it’s been almost a year and no results.

  15. Hey iam interested in how would i get it

  16. I am interested in the inventory BP any help would be greatly appreciated

  17. Hi. I сan watch full video or get you blueprint ?)
    I have a ready inventory of basic from Epic tutorial
    But it is not enough

  18. Can’t subscribe, get 404 error.

  19. Hi could i have the bp please ive signed up

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