Taking Our Tavern Game A Bit Deeper

Taking Our Tavern Game A Bit Deeper

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In my last update, I shared a game I did in Unreal Engine 4 that is like the 80’s Arcade classic Tapper. Game testing with people and casual games did well, but I had a hard time being able to add more depth. Meaning… the core game loop of rewarding a player was not a great as I really want.

Currently the game rewards players with playable characters that can be purchased thru the Treasure Chest or can be won randomly as the player plays the game more. I believe this can work on mobile although, I really wanted something a bit deeper. So thus the change and adding more depth and building a Tavern management style game that is similar to Order Up and Cook, Serve and Delicious. But with a top down approach and you moving thru out the Tavern you will upgrade and modify.

So I put together a Tavern and added a bartender who can run around the Tavern. Pretty fun actually…  Then placed in 2 Patrons, who have orders and want to you(the Bartender) to take their order and serve them. This is shown below…

Tavern Management Game - Taking Orders

So you the player, takes the order. Then the order pops up with a timer, based on the patron who walks into your tavern. Some can be impatient and others can be kind and forgiving. But overall, as you build up your tavern, you will get some interesting and impatient patrons.

So this week, I am going to now get this order to be taken to the order station. A place where the the player will visit(behind the bar) and pop up a menu which will begin to choose which drink to mix for the patron. Should have more details later.


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