How To Avoid Your Being Rejected From Apple’s Parental Gate

How To Avoid Your Being Rejected From Apple’s Parental Gate

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Did your new IOS 7 app get rejected by Apple due to the new Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA)?

Did you receive a rejection stating you need a Parental Gate in order to be in compliance with Apple?

No worries, this article will show you what is working with detailed screenshots so you can have a better chance at getting approved for your next submission.

This is not the norm with kids apps on the Apple App store to prevent kids from running huge bills on their parents credit cards. The specific guidelines are as follows, according to MacRumors.

17.3 Apps may ask for date of birth (or use other age-gating mechanisms) only for the purpose of complying with applicable children’s privacy statutes, but must include some useful functionality or entertainment value regardless of the user’s age

17.4 Apps that collect, transmit, or have the capability to share personal information (e.g. name, address, email, location, photos, videos, drawings, persistent identifiers, the ability to chat, or other personal data) from a minor must comply with applicable children’s privacy statutes.

How To Build A Parental Gate

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One of the guidelines mentioned is the need for parental precautions before linking outside of your app or if the child will be clicking on any links to that lead to in app purchases.

So this means, if you app has any of the following outbound links it will need a parental gate for each link.

  • Link to In App Purchases or Store
  • More Apps or Share Link
  • Link to Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

I gathered some great images from other developers with the help of Moms With Apps, which you can see the images below.

I have tested and found the following image below and methodology works for us.

Parental Gate Pin Code

More Examples of Working Parental Gates


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  1. Hello

    Great post on the Parental Gate issue. We have developed a free Parental Gate for developers to use, to help with the new Apple regulations. We really want to help the community. We were wondering if you post our link to the free parental gate to developers can find it.

    In return let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

    All the best

    Gadi Pollack

    • Sure please post the link you wish to use. I will add it to the post.

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