New RPG Title for 2015

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I wanted to officially announce a new title I plan on launching at the end of 2015. Today I wish to share the idea and what players will be doing within the game and an overview of the concepts I have planned to being built out.

A RPG About Becoming A King

One thing I wished to create was giving an experience to players from starting from nothing, literally a person in a world which only has a fireplace. To creating a kingdom, , followers, and your own city.

While building your kingdom, you will experience:

  • Quests of Exploration
  • Research Artifacts To Learn New Technologies
  • Gather World Elements & Artifacts
  • Craft Weapons, Buildings, Armor
  • Meet Outsiders – Befriend or Make Enemies
  • Earn a Royal Reputation (Loved or Feared)
  • Protect Your Kingdom
  • Conquer

It’s still early in development, but I encourage you to connect on Facebook or Twitter to hear more updates. I plan on sharing our inventory and crafting system in the next post. So stay tuned.


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