Flicked Off At The Movies New Updated Demo

Flicked Off At The Movies New Updated Demo

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Oh boy… we are excited… after crunching all different ways to allow players to have fun in our game… then implementing what we could, for our first release. It will finally be here. It’s been about 8 long months… simply because we had to learn a lot with this game. Many changes… a lot of great feedback from our friends and family who tested it.

But here is our first version release demo video. We will be adding more and more to the game as we see a lot of cool new features we can add as we go… and as our players send us feedback. Right now, its super fun… super clean and visually attractive to play. So check out the video below.

The game will not be free initially…. but friends, family, and folks who like our fan page WILL GET THE GAME FREE!!!! Guaranteed.

Lke our Facebook Fan Page and Get Flicked Off At The Movies Free

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