Fierce Developer Gets Insight From Infinity Blade 3 and Dream Bot Studios on New iPhone 5 Technology

Fierce Developer Gets Insight From Infinity Blade 3 and Dream Bot Studios on New iPhone 5 Technology

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Upon the launch of iPhone 5 comes new 64bit technology. Fierce Developer’s founder, Shane Schick got in touch with me to find out how Mobile Game Studios could benefit from this new launch of mobile technology.

As I see it… more mobile games are being launched in the App Store, which can turn stale old games into commodities. But with competition comes innovation. This creates a need for our team at Dream Bot Studios to make something more interesting to gamers.

This sometimes calls for more innovation, but this innovation can come not only at a financial cost as we experienced with our first title, but also at a cost of raw horsepower from the devices we game studios have to build on.

I think Fierce Developers post really sums up the change for not only gamers using the iPhone 5 and IOS7 will experience, but this will also be another door opening for Indie Developers to give another go at a new technology as old games will become non-existent and breed a whole new landslide of opportunity for iPhone5 users and developers.

What iPhone 5’s 64-bit Capability Means For Mobile Games

64-bit rendering: An intense gaming experience

Donald Mustard, co-founder of Epic Games, took the stage late in the proceedings to confirm that the title will be available on Sept. 18, the same day as iOS 7. In some respects, Infinity Blade III is an advertisement of what the iPhone 5s will offer developers from a processing perspective.

The device’s A7 processor essentially allows 64-bit computing to come to mobile phones for the first time, paving the way for a potentially much richer gaming experience whose intense graphics might otherwise drain battery life or impair performance.

“I think this is going to be a sea change for our industry,” Mustard said, while Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Vice President Phil Schiller bragged, “I don’t think the other guys are even talking about this yet.”


Opportunities for Indie Devs

Some smaller developers are already considering the possibilities, however. Among them is Dream Bot Studios, based in Hollywood, Fla., which counts Racing to the Red Carpet and Flicked Off At the Movies among its titles.

According to Markus Skupeika, Dream Bot Studios’ founder, the iPhone 5s’s 64-bit horsepower could make a big difference when the company launches its first title for iOS 7–Monkey Misfits: The Great Zoo Break Out–later this fall.

“Right now developers have been kind of limited,” he says, using one of his firm’s own games, Turbo Train 3D, as an example. The game has a boss character who will appear in a scene with various objects in the background, but not many of them can actually appear in 3D.

“To save processing power, you have to make them skinny, 2D pictures,” Skupeika said. “If you look at one of those objects carefully, you can see there’s nothing behind it. We really had to optimize images, make sure we didn’t overload the game or make it choppy.”

Skupeika said Apple’s updated hardware and software will offer a richer palette for many other devs besides Epic Games, which said Infinity Blade III will offer “lens flares that would make J.J. Abrams proud.”

Read the Full Article with Epic Games and Dream Bot Studios on Fierce Developer

I want to personally thank Shane Schick for the interview and look forward to his upcoming coverage on IOS 7 and iPhone Coverage.

 New iPhone 5 Games with You
As The Main Character

With the new technology, we are looking to allow our kickstarter backers to be the main characters in the game. Below is a little trailer we did to show the multiplayer functions and levels we have.


One of our latest titles Monkey Misfits, will be running a kickstarter campaign and we are allowing you the player to be the main character in the game. We want to give some of our fans the opportunity to be digitized 64-bit. I am looking forward to it and can’t wait.

If your wanting to be digitized 64-bit, be sure to sign up below and connect with us on social media. We will send out emails and announcements when the campaign goes live. Only a limited amount of players can be selected, so be sure to sign up today.


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