Bobby The Usher Boss [FINALIZED]

Bobby The Usher Boss [FINALIZED]

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When you start the game… Flicked Off At The Movies, you will notice movie goers. Once you clear out these movie goers by flicking candy and other crazy weapons at them… you will notice the movie goers call in the Usher.

This is where “Bobby The Usher” comes in to find you and get you out of the theater. But you will need to get Flick Him Off fast… because if he reaches you in the back of the theater, the game is up and your kicked out of the theater.

Be Careful… while he is young… and new to Flicksters like yourself, throwing candy at people in the movie. He is nimble and quick. He will blind you with his flashlight and catch you so he can move up the ranks and become the best usher in the industry.


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