Founded by Markus Skupeika, Dream Bot Studios mission is simple…

To enhance our fans experience while in the virtual worlds we place in their hands

Markus Skupeika had success starting multiple technology companies in South Florida, such as his frist marketing and software company, Dream Ware Enterprise. Then moving into product development and resell with his manufacturing business, Optimal Chemical, both companies he still helps run today.

Yet, Markus Skupeika felt his passion had always been in developing video games. Driven to find a way Markus, a risk taker dropped everything and jumped aboard to learn the ins and outs of the game business.

Being self funded and with only limited knowledge of the game industry, he set to learn what makes games compelling and successful games. It is a long continuos journey, yet each new game brings forth a wealth of information and pleasure to Dream Bot Studios. Markus and the company continues to strive to make deeper and more involved titles working closely with his team and the players.

As a developer and owner of a small game studio, Markus Skupeika and the team only cares about creating games which give players  that unique experience to feel for a moment that they are building something amazing in their virtual world which they created. Each new success Dream Bot Studios hopes for just enough reward, which the studio can use to keep Dream Bot Studios creativity and innovation funded for all to enjoy.

We appreciate every ounce of support you offer by downloading our games and giving us feedback of how we can improve.