80’s Arcade Classic – Early Development

80’s Arcade Classic – Early Development

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Here is some early development images of my newest game set to release in the upcoming months. Below is a screenshot and some videos of the early development.

New Arcade Classic

The game mechanics use Tappers run and pour drinks arcade style game play. But I really wanted to enhance the game a bit adding it into a 3d world, having day and nigh cycles, unique bosses, random events, levels, and high scores.

While I have a list of ideas and tasks on my Trello card for the complete game development. I do wish to get a alpha version out on PC and Mac first to allow gamers to play the game and compete online with high scores.

Early Gameplay Of First Level


Core Game Mechanics And Loops

A bit of research and thinking was done to get a grasp of the core game mechanics. I wanted to make sure I had a good core game mechanic that rewarded players when they completed a level. To do this, my first step was creating rewards of coins and building a collection of bartenders.

The player can collect different bartenders either by purchasing them with the coins they acquired (as tips from their bar patrons) or by winning them in a random reward after completing more levels. This will add a nice opportunity to “collect them all” game play for games who like to collect all the extras in the game.

Another added fun I am focusing on is creating an online high score website to allow players to compete around the world. Since I plan on releasing on the PC and Mac first. (Mainly because I want to add more animations and graphics to the game, without being limited to a mobile device). Then will tweak the game and add more features as I get more feedback and ideas.

Rewards For Master Bartenders

If you can overcome the onslaught of patrons that come into your bar then you will be rewarded! I put together this reward system as you see below to randomize what type of reward you will receive. In the image below you can see a playable character which is won by the player. I will have many additional playable characters which will have their own unique quirkiness and sound effects that you will be able to add to your collection.

Playable Character Rewards

I will be posting more videos so free free to follow me on YouTube, Dream Bot Twitter and Facebook if your interested! As always, connect with me personally on my personal Twitter account!



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